What if you could meet cute anime waifus on social network? You could chat to them, add them as friends, and even ask them out on virtual dates. An impossible dream, you think?

Think again—your dream's just come true!


Introducing Beat-ify, a social media simulator in an alternative reality where everyone is crazy about music and ice cream. Join the fun! Take cute girls on dates and treat them to your very own ice cream creations. The music changes based on the ingredients you use. Add banana and metal tacks, and you'll hear a banana-tack beat. Mix some dinosaur and pizza together and—hey presto!—you're bopping along to some deep-pan dino drums. The girls will show their appreciation by sharing their thoughts with you, giving you gifts, making bento, and letting you pick their outfit for your date.


Your sacred mission: to build relationships with Namiko, Suzume, Aine, and Natasha. And every date will increase your personal rating in Beat-ify. As your rating increases, you get more abilities, features, and privileges at your fingertips.


And other characters will soon be joining the social network!


- Beat-ify combines a dating sim, a rhythm game, and a social network. You need to keep up with the beats, and steadily build relationships with characters too.


- Crafting ice cream masterpieces requires ultimate skill and creativity. Each date is a unique scenario, your one chance to impress the girl with the power of your imagination.


- The music and gameplay change based on the ingredients you use. Combine them to create thousands of incredible tracks.


- Choose an interesting location for your meet-up, give your date a cute outfit, and it's sure to be unforgettable.


- The number of talents you can get increases as your personal level goes up. Talents are unique effects that are enabled during dates and on your Beat-ify profile. Virtually everything can be upgraded, you just need to use your resources wisely.

- Speed dates are a great way to compete against other players for the girls' attention. Come up with the best ice cream recipe, then follow the beat perfectly, and the top spot will be yours!


- If you’re new to the rhythm game genre, Beat-ify will get you in the groove quickly. And if you’re an old pro, get ready to be challenged!


- The characters all live their own lives. They pine and they get jealous, they get angry at each other, comment on your choices, and show when they're happy or sad. As you grow closer to the girls, they will open up more on dates, making your reward for meeting their expectations even bigger.


- Incredible new characters will be constantly added to Beat-ify, so come and make friends without skipping a beat!






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